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honey waits

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in an apartment somewhere and nowhere on grace street, keilan creech fosters his brand of introverted and melancholic music, laced with falsettos, small guitars, and weeping slides.




"Sonically sparse but emotionally full, Honey Waitsis indisputably one of 2017’s best indie folk records: A powerfully vulnerable, tauntingly provocative listening experience not soon forgotten."
Mitch Mosk

"Despite its outer layers of aural beauty, it’s not to be understated that Honey Waits is an album of deeply vulnerable and heavyhearted proportions."
Kira Grunenberg




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playlist features: alexrainbird, spotify: lost in the woodsspotify: indie acoustic, spotify: acoustic autumn,  indie feed music, samfish music, curved flow, mrottermusic

richmond international film/music festival selection

other projects: the tide rose, jeremy white & the blue hearts

social media: 1,600 on youtube, 1,500 on instagram, 1,800 on facebook, 32K on vine (rip)



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